Sunday, January 24, 2010


I claim that this blog is my journal, but of course it is not. The only events that get blog time are photographically-captured events. In a real journal, I'd be writing about the humdrum thoughts and experiences that comprise my life and very rarely merit the use of a camera. For instance...

-At Costco on Saturday, we experienced a Vitamix demo. I say experienced and not just witnessed, because we were fully part of the magic, via free samples. I've always loved a good smoothie, but I could never justify dreaming of owning a high-end blender until the demo lady handed Erik a cup of spinach juice and he DRANK THE WHOLE THING AND ASKED FOR MORE. (There was some fruit in there, too, but the drink was dark green and Erik averts his taste buds even from green candy, just in case.) So, now I'm desperately attempting to devise a financial scheme that will secure me one of those miracle machines as soon as possible.

Seriously, folks, I've done some research and determined that only a Vitamix (a Blend tec would do, as well) will revolutionize the state of our family's health forever. No more peeling, slicing, chopping, shredding. Blend, only blend, and dinner is ready before anyone knows to be hungry for it! Healthy, Jamba-quality smoothies for breakfast every day. Carrot juice with lunch and spinach juice for dinner. The only thing stopping me from waltzing right back into Costco to claim my new culinary life right now is that they cost about $374 more than Kyle is willing to spend. Yes, on sale this blending bad boy rings up at $394. So, if anyone is willing to make a donation to this worthy cause, or if you spot one on sale for at least 90% off, let me be the first to know.

-Speaking of good nutrition, I just love the Better Homes and Gardens cookbook/Bible Kjerst gave me for Christmas. I feel like Julie with Mastering the Art of French Cooking-- I am not only using all the recipes, but I am inhaling the extra tid bits of food knowledge. For instance, did you know tofu is made of edamame, the green bean-looking power veggie? And why do recipes always tell you to rinse canned beans? To lower the sodium content, of course! Also, diagrams of animal meat cuts and how to cook them, how to select every type of fresh produce, etc. I know some people already know all this and others don't care, but these are the questions I always wondered and was too lazy to google to find out! Now they are all contained in one lovely, checkered book of yum.

-Speaking of eating well, Ellie is an amazing child eater. Not child-eater. She eats whatever I put in her dinner bowl, licks it clean, and often asks for seconds, and I very rarely prepare child-friendly dinners (eg mac and cheese, pizza, chicken nuggets). When recently questioned as to her favorite food, she seriously declared it to be broccoli. Later she recanted and offered the more credible fave of cheese pizza, but still. The only thing at all that I can think of that she won't devour is food that is fairly spicy, but even that she's improving upon. How did I get so fortunate to have an easy-to-please-y little goat at my kitchen table? Aside from the occasional whining, interrupting, tattling, lying, and hitting, she is the perfect child.

-How's my diet going, you ask? I quit. I knew I didn't have it in me. However, I am still making minor efforts to cut back on night feedings (I mean mine, not Charlie's, although cutting back on his would be even better) and dessert binging. I also buy fat free sour cream now. Kyle could be happier about that. And to reward myself for my supreme achievements in dietary self control, I will be throwing myself a Cookie Monster-themed birthday party (emphasis on the Cookie) in August. It will look even better than this one.

-Tomorrow, if I can get my paws on some wire cutters, I am going to make this Valentine's day wreath. No, I'm not doing an excellent job of avoiding craft blogs as part of my New Year resolution. I haven't actually made anything yet, though. My cricut remains sealed tightly in its box until I have the self control to employ it in moderation.

-Kyle is such a sweetie pie. He and the kids woke me up Saturday morning with breakfast in bed. And not the kind of breakfast-in-bed most wives could expect. Nope, no cold cereal involved. He whipped up delicious, perfectly seasoned scrambled eggs with sundried tomatoes and cheese, cinnamon sugar toast, turkey bacon, banana slices, and cranberry juice. (And the previous Saturday he did the same thing with a delicious avocado omelet.) Just because. And in return, I bought him his very own slice of pepperoni pizza at Costco.

-A friend treated me to the opera this week. We saw Carmen, which is a top-notch opera, with beloved music and all, but is it wrong that I was relieved to see the protagonist stabbed to death in the last scene? Is that commentary on my emotional state, or is it okay that her embodiment of every evil female trait disgusted me?

-When will Charlie ever sleep through the night? Or sleep through one rem cycle of the night? His bewildering refusal of solid foods-- will it last long? What am I doing wrong? I can no longer remember how I felt before I was a zombie mom (aka before Charlie was born), but I'm pretty sure I was nicer, peppier, and happier. I miss that me. I see no light at the end of the tunnel with these sleeping struggles.

-What is the purpose of life? No, just kidding, I don't think about that one. I already know. Good thing, too. A day at a time, my life may not seem like much, but I find great peace and fulfillment in knowing that I'm doing, more or less, what I came here to do.


Mish said...

Good post, T, good post.

Bethany said...

Costco is so good at selling those expensive products, huh?! Everytime I walk into that store I think "I NEED that, I really MUST have it." Good thing I usually have a slight bit of self control, or we'd be in some serious debt.

Marilyn said...

I never go to Costco and for good reason. I like to keep my money. I'm really glad you are coming to see me tomorrow. Sounds like you need a break, I don't know if visiting me is a break, but it'll be fun.

blaine and michelle said...

I want a juicer too. I watched a Curious George episode the other day (sad) that made me want one. And unfortunately the only technique that ever worked for getting out unwilling sleepers to sleep through the night was crying it out. Painful, but worth it in the end.

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