Thursday, January 07, 2010

Children for Sale

Three children, all fairly new (one nearly brand new!) and in reasonably good condition, up on the market today for your bidding.

Tantrums, hitting, and screaming all included and in excellent working order.

Will trade all three for a piece of sanity and one night of good sleep.

This will be a bargain, I think, as the owner is rather desperate.

Please make an offer and pick them up as soon as humanly possible.

(And good luck getting them to act as sweet as they look in these pictures!)


Anonymous said...

I'll take them for a day. How are things going? I haven't talked to you in far too long.

Joe and Christie said...


But--sorry that it has come to this. How much do you want for Ellie? ;)

nimbus said...

I don't believe you. These sweet, smiling kids having tantrums and hitting????? I'll take them, but you have to bring them to me.

megantonesforever said...

Hmmm... tempting. They sure look cute in those pictures, but I know how deceiving kids can be!

Emily said...

Wait a minute. YOu could have had a whole night off and didn't take it. LEt's arrange something next week.

Bryce said...

Ooh, ooh, I'll take 'em!

Tana said...

Maybe we could work out a trade. Sometimes it's just good to take someone else's and then you can appreciate what you already have. After a day or so without mine I beg for them back. It doesn't take long to need a little space, but just think school isn't THAT far away. BTW I love Ellie's bangs. Super cute. miss you guys!