Sunday, May 09, 2010

Easter, etc.

Life is so fun. And as a yellow, that means life is good. I spent today at a wedding and reception and throwing a beautiful baby shower. I can't wait to post pics, but first, I bring you Easter 2010.

But really first, some assorted memories. Free night at the U vs. Y gymnastics meet. We made a special bedtime exception and brought the older kids (usually their bedtime is between 6 & 7, but before you get jealous, think about what time they must wake up in the morning, okay?).

Kyle doesn't think this is an impressive spread of dirty dishes, but I find it pretty silly that this is how my counter looks after neglecting the clean up of ONE meal. Not a whole day, but ONE meal. Can you imagine what it'd look (and smell) like if I took a whole day off? If only I could devise a way to get paid for rinsing and loading other people's dirty dishes...

My camera was in the process of dying as I took these two, and that's why no entire penguin actually made it in, just Ellie's scruffy ponytail and Erik's penguin hat. Erik had been anxiously awaiting the arrival of his favorite animal to our aquarium and spoke of nothing but Gentoo penguins for days.

Okay, here we go. We did the community egg hunt in the pool again this year, but unlike last year, our kids found themselves at the bottom of their age brackets, and came nowhere near to securing golden eggs, and even worse... well, take a look for yourself.

Ellie made good time to the play structure that was littered with eggs,

placed a single egg in her bucket,

and spilled it, after which it was promptly swiped.

She wasn't able to secure another single egg. It was pitiful. But she took it pretty well. Actually I was quite proud of her for cheerfully accepting failure.

Erik also missed the objective of egg hunts, wading through swarms of floating eggs without picking any up, headed straight for the jungle gym. Finally, the overbearing Asian mother in me could not be suppressed and I jumped in the pool coercing/encouraging him to snatch a few eggs before other overbearing parents beat us to them.

The post-pool chomp down was inspired by enormous burgers Kyle saw on Food Network being served in some sports bar somewhere and really nothing could stop him from trying his hand at 3/4+ lb burgers exploding with cheese.

I said I'd only eat half of one, but remember how I have no self control? Knowing full well this would add an entire inch to my waistline, I gobbled up an entire beast myself. Mmmm. (Pleasure mingled with regret.)

I tried my hand at Easter wreaths, again being so naive as to believe the kids could "help" me make one. Even if they could, did I forget that I still have an organized-activity-thwarting Charlie screeching around every turn? But I finished the peeps wreath later and from a distance, you can't even tell how many bear Erik-inflicted wounds of mutilation and impalement.

Windstorms rather destroyed this one, which is also mighty stinky as I used real moss. And then I bought a nice one at Joann on post-Easter clearance. So maybe this will find a nice corner of our garage to adorn in the future.

The Easter bunny this year was even cooler than Santa! That's because Kyle's mom felt bad about not sending a package (and I honestly hadn't given it a single thought) so sent oodles of money and insisted I spoil the kids with it. I didn't even pretend to resist. Being forced on a shopping spree I'm not funding is about the best thing I can think of.

By the way, contrary to his expression captured here, Erik super loves his boots to the max and wears them rain or shine. And he definitely has Goodwin feet because they are size 9 (he's a 5/6 in sandals) and they're barely wide enough.

We had the Porters over again for Easter this year, but unlike last year, Kjerstin and Mish were not preparing the feast by my side. Thank goodness it was conference weekend because it took six straight hours to pull it together.

I am looking at that dinner and wondering how on earth someone with two arms and ten fingers could take six hours to whip up four dishes, an appetizer, and a cake. But I tend to believe things take about a quarter of the time they actually do. Thus why I am four times later to scheduled events than expected.

A year ago I pledged my crafting honor to three commenters in this post. Almost within the generous parameter of time I was granted (one year), I sent off some homemade necklaces (and baby headbands).

But at the end of the day, rest assured that the pants-less pirate king will save the day

with a little love/smothering from his fairy god-sister.


Anonymous said...

So fun. I pretty much forgot it was Easter and we mooched dinner off
my sister-in-law. Someday I'll be like you...I hope.

sara said...

Nice feast! I think I'd like an invitation next year. I love that last picture of Charlie. He looks so much like Kyle!