Wednesday, September 16, 2009

This morning I...

-spent an hour and a half dropping Kyle and Mish off to work and bus station (waiting in freeway traffic for many moons)
-spent another hour and a half grocery shopping with the kids (Ellie's frequent refrain: "Mom, I'm draining!" --meaning drowning in the goods I kept tossing onto her in the cart. Erik kept adamantly asserting, "Mom, that's enough!" Ha, wonder where he heard that one...)
-prepared three separate meals for lunch, finishing off both the kids' leftovers in addition to my own meal
-changed Charlie's soiled clothes three times, Ellie's once, and Erik's once
-changed two baby blow-out diapers and three stinky toddler diapers
-washed 24 hands with soap and warm water
-set up two tents for the kids to camp in and read two bedtime stories
-wondered when I'll get to wash the two sinkfuls of dirty dishes, seven loads of dirty laundry, and eventually get around to washing my unshowered self

And hey! It's only 1:00pm. All I've been thinking about is the fact that the groceries still aren't unloaded (besides three containers of Dreyer's double churned, of course) and my clothes have my children's food, spit up, poop, and pee on them, but if I start keeping track of how many times a day I wash my hands, I may feel much cleaner and more productive. Well, one out of three of the kids who are all supposed to be napping right now is finally asleep, freeing up my legs to get going on the rest of this somewhat chaotic, highly distracted, and delightful frenzy of activity I call my life. So, here I go!


Mary said...

Way to go mom!

Marilyn said...

Ahh...the joys of motherhood. Just think, someday they'll be gone and then you can do what ever you want, just like me!! :)