Saturday, September 26, 2009

happenings, five words or less

I am so dreadfully behind on posting that I have no choice but to resort to brevity this time. Five-word limit per picture.

Erik and Holden in creek

Best friends today, frenemies tomorrow

Ellie jealous Carter's other girl

Charlie's baby sister, Ellie says

She'll be feeding Charlie, too

Wearing third trimester with smile

Finally finished Brooks' homemade onesies

"Little Sister," "Don't understand you"

oops, Charlie gets this one

Rug sheds worse than Samoyed

nothing says birthday like Tucanos

free cotton candy saved me

don't use fatless cream cheese

fist sucker since the womb

movie provides moment of peace

ballet classes commenced--thanks Grandma!

thought about running with her

just kidding, she too fast

Marathon Mish officially my hero

Celebrating her victory with buffet

I hope Bob had seconds

Erik did--finished off Ellie's

wedding gift turned anniversary gift

Hungry Little Caterpillar craft

Artsy kids make Mom proud

Pet tadpole arrived in mail

Gertrude McFuzz--preparing them for...

...Ellie's Dr. Seuss extravaganza celebration

Charlie's smiley photos coming soon...

(Wow, that was extremely difficult. Five words are never enough for an individual with my irrepressibly loquacious tendencies.)


Queen Scarlett said...

Awesome... dang we miss you guys. Also...miss hanging out more with your Mom now that I'm in YW.

Karrot Soup said...

I can't believe I'll be lucky enough to see those cute faces IN PERSON soon! (Albeit only briefly.)

Marilyn said...

I've said it before and it still wear me out. I also miss you.

Mrs. Porter said...

I loved this post. You can say a lot in so little Tiff. That's a gift!!