Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Blessing Baby C

So, I cut 15 pictures and captions out of the following post. You may have noticed that I have this problem where I don't post for a few weeks and then try to catch up all at once in a post so long that even I don't bother reading it. This is also because I want to include a variety of topics, hoping there will be at least one thing interesting to each of my faithful readers. Well, I seem to be failing in both of my objectives, so I'm attempting a new strategy: shorter posts. Just let me believe I can be short-winded.

Kyle's parents felt confident that they'd meet their new grandchild when they planned a visit one week before my due date, given my birthing record. Well, birthing records apparently meant nothing to Charlie. Anyway, we were thrilled when they decided to drive out A-gain for a weekend and we scheduled Charlie's blessing date accordingly. My mom was also in town and several of our friends were able to come and participate in the blessing.

I recall that Ellie's baby blessing was quite short, since once she starting wailing, Kyle wrapped things up abruptly with an Amen. Charlie was miraculously awake AND silent during his, enabling Kyle to bestow lots of lovely blessings on the babe, including gifts of music, good friends, and an early understanding of the gospel.

I'm glad Ma was here because I guess I didn't know that you're supposed to skip Sunday school and Relief Society after your baby's blessing to throw a party for all your friends that showed up. She insisted this was the standard. No problem. Mas Goodwin and Larsen, Mish, and I whipped up a feast for the celebration. (Yumminess factor not well represented in this photo, so you'll have to just take my word for it.)

In classic Goodwin style, we prepared far more food than a crowd five times larger could consume. We did this in part so Ma could sustain her endearing love of incessantly offering people food, and in part so we could live off the leftovers for a few days. This fruit cookie was the only dish that came close to being finished off. Well, I think the kids had picked off all the fruit by the end of it. I would've expected them to lick off the frosting, nibble at the cookie, and leave the healthy stuff.

Who's the "bumbo" now!?

There are few things I love more than a good party. This was a good one because of the food and company. Ellie's birthday party will be good because it's going to be obsessively over-the-top thematic. No fairies. No princesses. No more hints because the party's not for another month.


sara said...

I can't believe you look so hot and you only recently had a human inside your uterus.
You amaze me!

Joe and Christie said...

Yeah, what Sara said.

You look really beautiful, T. I likey your hair that length.

And I also likey those cookies.

Mary said...

I'm so sad I missed it! (the food that is...:) j/k) Thanks for looking so good and having such a great family.

Tiffany said...

awww shucks, you guys are too kind. but i have to be honest and confess that 1. i strategically place my children in front of my middle section for photos, and 2. i was wearing a girdle that day. thanks for the lovin, though-- it's appreciated whether or not it's true!