Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Raking in the big bucks!

Well, after decades of loyalty to the fine art of garage-sale-ing, we resolved to contribute to the supply side of the market and had our very first garage sale (in March). It was mostly stocked by the abundance of baby clothes I had collected. I had been considering starting a small, out-of-home baby clothes resale business, but after accumulating almost 500 items, I knew it was taking away too much time from the momhood that I love even more than cute clothes. So it was time to sell it all! Mish whipped up several batches of cookies and lemonade, the proceeds of which went toward her college fund, and we had great fun sorting through our junk in terms of how much cash it could translate into. We sold a couple pieces of baby furniture and assorted junks, but mostly it was the baby clothes, and we were pleasantly surprised to have a non-stop flow of customers for the first few hours. Thankfully, I made back three times what I spent on the clothes. It was a fun adventure we look forward to duplicating in August before our big move. At the end of the day, Kyle enjoyed a rewarding, lucrative nap.