Saturday, May 19, 2007

Coming Home Pics

Although she enjoyed the free meals, room service and especially the Lorna Doone cookies, Tiff was more than ready to go home when her 48 hours were up. Hospital gowns and a closet-sized living space lose their appeal pretty fast.

Our newest family picture!

Generally, Ellie gives Erik lots of spontaneous kisses. She also likes labeling his facial features, especially poking him in the eyes. Here she shows her affection with a nice head butt.


Anonymous said...

Headbutts - the epitome of physical affection.

Anonymous said...

your family is R, A, D - rad ('R'eally 'A'wesome 'D'ude). and beautiful.
oh, and did you know that if you directly translate junming into urdu and then into swahili, an alternate definition is 'tikki-tavi'? so don't hesitate to call him Rikki.