Sunday, April 01, 2007

Look out China--here we come!

Well, we met with a couple who just came back from Tianjin, China, this year with their three kids and have been exceedingly helpful as we've tried to materialize our own plans to live there. They live about two hours away so we met in Salt Lake at P.F. Chang's (a Chinese bistro chain so delicious and classy that you don't mind the lack of authenticity in some dishes such as "the Great Wall of Chocolate") and chatted it up deep into the evening about every angle of life in Tianjin.

They were very honest with us--we realize it will not necessarily be an easy adjustment when we move there in August-- but mostly we just feel excited and anxious to get our plans rolling! We're starting to look for jobs for Kyle, and then we'll get into travel plans, living arrangements, etc., and then we'll start reserving our tickets for the 2008 Olympics, so make sure to book yours through us and plan to pay us a visit!

Anyway, I don't blame any of you skeptics out there--we have been known as "the couple who called China" with plans falling through at least twice in the past. However, things are looking more promising than ever this time, especially since I will NOT be giving birth in China. =) Our only hesitation in going is how much we will miss seeing familiar faces. If you've ever dreamed of visiting the Great Wall, here's your perfect opportunity to get free housing and amateur tour guides while you're there!


zabel said...

I very much would like to see the Great Wall! Wait. Are we still talking about chocolate?