Friday, March 30, 2007

Tiff's Digital Valentines Day Card- I look like a doofus

This is my Valentines Day Card this year for Tiff, and she is coercing me to post it on the blog. Anyways, the end has a photo slideshow of pics from when we were dating. I did have fun making it, though.


Unknown said...

Darnit, Kyle! I casually pressed play on the video, and left crying 10 minutes later. (Happy tears, of course :) Nice work, you've set the standard for Video Valentiners everywhere.

S. said...

Just thought you'd like to know that when Lucy and I watched the video, she got so caught up in its loving sentiment that she cooed "Family!" with the same intonation you would say "Awwwww!" at a cute baby. (And by the way, Kyle, you only look a little like a doofus, and only then because you're surrounded by much cuter girls.)