Saturday, April 07, 2007

General Conference- Apr 07

I learned many things this General Conference, about life and about myself. Though I unfortunately can't say that I've always enjoyed GC, I feel spiritually uplifted with an increased understanding on what I can do to be a better husband, father, and human! This was probably the last session I will ever translate for, so it was sentimental for me.

In translation preparations this year, my main focus was to not only keep up with the speech, but to match the delivery style of the speakers. (We get the talks beforehand so we can practice.) I did Elder Tingey and President Monson's talks during the Saturday Afternoon session. If you want, you can listen to me by clicking here (skip to about 31 minutes or 1 hour 24 minutes).
This was the translation team Saturday Afternoon (from left to right): Hương, Minh, Me ̣(Hiệp), Joseph (Hải), Troy (Vũ), Sean (Vinh).