Saturday, January 25, 2014

Wanna know what we did this week?

Got stuck in Chicago.

Persisted in a manner that would make Ma Goodwin proud until we landed ourselves on a flight to New York, blizzard and all.

Statue of Liberty- woot woot!  Yup, that's the best shot we got.

And here's the feeble proof that I was there at the Hudson River.  The majority of evidence of our trip to NYC resides snugly on Kyle's phone.   Even the sights of the Big Apple failed to lure my fingers out of woolen mittens for photo snapping.  Polar vortex, people!   

Upon arriving home, we promptly attempted to potty train Ming.  Actually, we dusted off the potty and handed responsibilities over to Char.  After forcing liquids on the poor girl and throwing her bag of m&ms around, both he and his baby sis lost interest.  Four wet pairs of panties later, I gave up my dream of potty training Millie without having to do anything at all.  Such a shame when laziness doesn't pay. =)   


Thomas Family said...

We love the Polar Vortex! It has resulted in 5days of cancelled school and multiple days of "2hr delays" :) I've been meaning to email you back for eons, but there is never enough time in the day (or night) to do it all. :) I'm sure your homeschooling is the beez neez. I felt like I did more of a "play" school last year (read - worried like crazy that my kids were NOT learning enough) and what do you know Zina is way advanced and happily a straight A student in 2nd grade. I go back and forth EVERY day on whether I want to homeschool all of them again next year. Ug. I wish we lived next door to you guys! Sounds like your trip to NY was a blast despite the cold!