Sunday, January 05, 2014

Let's see, where was I?...

Oh yes, the blog.  I have faint memories of blogging.  Somewhere in the midst of parenting, gardening, homeschooling, traveling, trying to make friends, overdoing holiday celebrations, church callings, and an obsessive following of The Amazing Race, this sorely neglected little blog has collected an embarrassing amount of dust.

But it's January so, for a time, I'm invigorated and committed to reinstating this little corner of my world.  I'm quite out-of-practice now (writing feels so awkward!) so I won't dare call this a comeback, but it remains a coming back of feeble sorts.

And all I can offer this evening is an old (and I mean old!) unfinished draft of Ellie's.  I'm not feeling ambitious enough to narrate the past year, but a few photos at least serve as evidence that time has elapsed, right?  I think we've got snippets below of everything from Thanksgiving 2012 to Easter to the May tornado in Moore to Minnesota in June.  That'll do, Pig, that'll do.

oh yes the russian dolls, sometimes my mom lets us play with them.only sometimes,beacouse the littlest one is very very very tiny. its about the size of a crumb. one time when i played with them the biggest one would have a baby right when it was born and again and again and so on. and then a wolf came and they kept putting there baby,s in there stomach,s until it got to the biggest one.

oh yah we went to the greek festaval ,we ate greek food,in a greek church. wached two dances that mabie were greek to. then we got free ballon hats yay.
charlie the ninja, ya no wonder he sometimes
calls himself lots of room for sords to, he has a cabnet [that nobody uses] to himself.he named it his stuff, charlies stuff is a popular name in our family. when we clean up any random toys that don,t have a place lots of times it goes in charlies stuff. and he doesen,t care whats in his stuff.
oh ya my dads side of the family, my grandparents payed for us to go to a way asome hotel. with a asome brekfast  bufft  a asome huge pool with two asome water slides one was like a playground slide ,the other one you go through a short tube then you go in a wirlpool, go around it then go through a tube to exit and sometimes the wirlpool makes you go down the tube bakwards!

amielieas baby, yes she use to to love it . but ever since she became intrested in owls she abandoned her baby.