Wednesday, January 25, 2012

pikchrs uv miy famuly

Today we are privileged to welcome a guest blogger, an aspiring writer and photographer who just happens to be my daughter.  Kyle's parents gifted her a fully functional kid camera for Christmas and ever since she has enthusiastically documented her life's major events which, judging by the photos below, are centered around her baby sister about 97% of the time.  Okay Ellie, take it away!

i luv my grandparins
ameas frst smile

wut a nis day 
amelea frst time goyne to  chrech
misis strong muslse 
to hot aw

i want a koocye

in hevin

hold me

i git to et kake

i got pets


Thomas Family said...

love this. good idea. :) I'm assuming it was Ellie's idea. good job!!

Amy said...

That baby. Amelia is soooooo beautiful! Your family looks so happy. I'm loving the posts and the pictures :-)

Joe and Christie said...

Oh my goodness, this is too precious! More please!

Karrot Soup said...

Wow. "In hevin", indeed -- thanks, Ellie!

sara said...

Um, what are those pets. They kind of look like leeches. Now I'm slightly concerned. Are you doing some kind of cleanse?

Mish said...

I got pets.

nimbus said...

I love Ellie, the aspiring blogger. Keep it up. Great pictures, Ellie and excellent captions.