Sunday, January 22, 2012

larsens visit, thanksgiving

Some strange bloggish occurrence has rendered it impossible for me to caption the following photos without erasing them. I am just a bit too lazy to fetch my more technologically savvy hubby to investigate, so I'll just let the pictures do the talking for the next few posts. That's probably for the best. After all, I am approximately 12 posts behind, as well as two months behind on life in general. Tomorrow commences my first day as a single mother of four, aka Kyle's first day of school. I'm afraid. Veeeery afraid... But until tomorrow 6:00am hits me, let's enjoy a trip down memory lane of happier, more restful days when Kyle's parents were rescuing me from dreadful a.m. responsibilities, and much more.


nimbus said...

That was one delicious Thanksgiving dinner. Yum yum. Lets do it again!