Tuesday, June 14, 2011


When Noelani told me she'd be able to get us all into Disneyland for free on the day of my choice, my head about imploded with excitement. The magic was ever alive in my young heart. I talked it up to the kids and just believed that, even sans Kyle, D-land would deliver as the "happiest place on earth."

Turns out it was the crappiest place on earth.

Okay, in truth, no crappier than any overcrowded, overpriced venue with no outlet for energetic toddlers. Still, expectations were high, remember? That was my first mistake. Within the first hour, those expectations were shattered and all of the kids had shared at least one emotional breakdown.

Basically, my high school bff Baha was the reason we got through that day, physically and emotionally. Rather than pout and whine about how awful it was to get my family into Disneyland for free, though, I will simply enumerate the circumstances under which I would consider ever getting in for free again in the future.

1. No children ill/screaming through the night/screaming through the day
2. No lines. Really, no lines. Not a one of us felt it worth spending the majority of the day waiting in lines for a few minutes of hyper-stimulation.
3. Help. More help. At least one additional helper.
4. OR leave Charlie behind.
5. OR wait until Charlie can be restrained for two minutes together without gracing the crowds with his signature banshee screams and violent attempts to be freed from the straight jacket that was the stroller, the ride seat belt, or my arms.

So, it will be a few years.

All in all, Noe and I aged quite a bit from the stress and exertion, but emerged triumphant in the end. (Only in the very end, though. We were about to leave when Ellie and I had an impromptu sob session, with different causes of distress. I refused to leave the so-called happiest place on earth in tears, so we squeezed in one extra ride so we could exit the park emotionally stable.)

You know, it's been over three months since the trip, and I remember feeling that it was horrific, and yet time has already abstracted those negative emotions. I even found myself trying to convince Kyle the other day that I'm ready to go back, so long as he comes with. He just shook his head in amazement. Is my memory truly that blurry? Must be like childbirth-- it wasn't THAT bad, right?

Well, we all look mostly happy in the pictures, at least. Even Charlie looks happy in the ones where he's escaping from me and running away.

Yes, Charlie is wearing pajama pants over his fleece-lined jeans. Can't win every battle.

Not surprisingly, Erik was the most content of all of us throughout the trip.

See, we did too meet Mickey Mouse!

Ha ha, the kids slept in their clothes and wore them again the next day.


nimbus said...

Time does seem change memories. We were there almost 39 years ago and I remember the long lines but we were never in them for more than 20 minutes or so. I guess the US has grown a bit.