Thursday, October 01, 2009

Uncle Scott

Yesterday I started coming down with a cold. I tossed and turned and couldn't fall asleep last night despite my weary bones. Charlie had a few inexplicable screaming fits during the night (not caused by hunger or messy diaper). I knew it would be a rough morning.

I knew wrong. I woke up at 9:00 (!) to a sparkling clean kitchen (both sinks were brimming with dirty dishes last night) and E&E were fed, changed, and getting ready to go on a nature walk. Scott, you made my day before I even got out of bed. Love you, bro.

my brother Scott and his four great kids


Marilyn said...

So, I guess Scott is here visiting? I'm sorry you are sick. Next week Ken and I go to Maui for a week. Then after another week, Michelle and Blaine are driving over to drop the kids off while they go on a Mexican cruise starting in LA. We'll have to get the kids together to play while they are here.

S. said...

Thanks, Tiff! It was great to be able to see you all. Hope Erik is on the mend.