Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I know I said I'd try for shorter posts, but not today! Ellie's birthday party almost completely consumed my existence over the past few weeks (as well as engulfing the time and energies of any able-bodied friends and family members in my path), and details on that are to come, but let's just combine three long overdue posts tonight and consider ourselves caught up through September. Time is short, so these will be three-worders.

Golden Corrall buffet

Thanksgiving Point museum...

admission only $2!

possessive streak manifested

wearing kids out

scaring kids out

scared worn out

spontaneous photo shoot...

for Kyle's mom's...

new wall decoration.

edit out arm

Charlie Quasi-modo eye?

this my fave

couldn't get enough...

of Grandma and...

Grandpa on their...

too short visit.

so content together

happy birthday Grandma!

fairytale chalk murals

come back soon!

animal farm reunion...

with Kallist/Naomi/pony ride

Cougareat field trip...

loaded apple pie

mother of sprinklers

engagement going well

Laurisa's half marathon

sweet battle wound

sweet hotel suite

Kjerst babysitting craft

face more embarrassing

pink/brown polka-dot party

another attempt at...

pretty family photos...

not quite awesome.

Emily tried but...

Erik hardly cooperated.

later discovered he...

had high fever!

normally not hard...

make him smile.

still beautiful day...

still beautiful life.


Amy said...

You are so darling. Yes, what a beautiful life.