Monday, October 19, 2009

Carlton in LDS commerical

Ok. Kyle here. This is an old LDS commercial featuring a young Alphonso Ribeiro exhibiting the virtues of being honest, in song. That's right--Mr. Carlton Banks.


Anonymous said...

Ha! I was totally raised singing this song. It's still a family favorite but I haven't seen the video for years.

Sam Wiest said...

This post inspired some further digging, which caused me to find this sweet gem: I wonder if it is still available, I could really use some of those moves to make some friends.

Kyle said...

Mary- happy to hear that the song inspired you in your youth. Unfortunate for me, I heard the song for the first time yesterday -- long past my impressionable years.

Sam- Talk about inspiration... That Alphonso poppin' & lockin' video is a true miracle.