Thursday, August 14, 2008

No place like home

I think I just might not believe you if you told me I was living in China three weeks ago, so far from the comforts and relationships I've been enjoying with great leisure these days. Indeed there was no culture shock to be had upon my return to my motherland, and why should there be? Yes, everything here is expensive, it's hard to stick to healthy foods, and our lives have already lost the solitude and simplicity life as an ex-pat in China rendered. Yet how could I turn back with longing, for this is home. The background noise, the road trips, dairy-laden dinners, clearance rack clothes shopping, dinner table discussions moderated by Dad, a never-ending array of snacks and treats emanating from Mom's kitchen, late-night talks with close friends, the texture of carpet, the smell of clean water, the feel of security, serenity, and ease. I am home. Yes, I am finally home.