Thursday, August 14, 2008


Or is it ketchup? At any rate, I have a lot of it. Blog catchup, that is. And by the time I get around to all this ketsup, my short list will look something like this...

-Utah road trip (Mary's wedding, staying with Williams', lots of friend reunions)
-San Francisco anniversary get-a-way (Chris and Emily's anniversary, that is)
-Arizona trip (Noelani's wedding, Michelle Richardson and fam)
-Minnesota trip (seeing Kyle's family)
-Disneyland trip (needs no explanation or justification)
-if we're lucky, Didi's birthday video will also eventually emerge

These trips have been and will be interspersed with good times on the Goodwin homestead, filled with late-night Olympics and The Office viewings, unpacking and rediscovering the glory of our storaged belongings, the love of a crowded home, enjoying this new house and its amenities, and sleeping in on a soft, American mattress. No complaints here. Life is good.


liso. said...

Welcome Home! Coming back to the United States is an amazing that I always look forward to!