Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Cutting my own hair

Like many of you know, I have been cutting my own hair since high school. In China, however, I took my chances with the local Chinese salons, which made me a little out-of-practice for today's haircut... the first one in over a year. As I am expecting a number of job interviews with this haircut, I figured it's not the best time for sudden bald spots in unnatural patterns or places.

Contrary to common thought, cutting your own hair (for a man) is not very difficult, as long as you cut only a little bit at a time. Hair products have successfully hid most of my mistakes.

As these thoughts eased my spirits a bit, I remembered an experience from Cambodia in 2005:
Because I helped a friend translate some of his documents into English, he insisted on treating me to lunch... and a haircut the next day (he's a barber). When I sat down in his chair, it didn't take long before the interogation started:

"Where did you get your last haircut?"
"In America."

(He silently began to chop my hair, circling my head like a vulture ready to eat.)

"Hmm... Did an American or a Vietnamese cut your hair?"
(not knowing where the conversation was going) "...an American."

(long pause)

"It's just AWFUL. I can't believe how horrible your stylist is."
"Oh... really? I hadn't noticed."
"Yes, I don't think I've ever seen a worse haircut."

I didn't dare reveal the fact that I was the offensive barber--he would have been too embarrassed. For the rest of the cut, he didn't stop complaining about my hair, generously adding comments on how he would make a fortune if he moved to the U.S. because he cuts hair evenly.
"When I make it to the States, I'll always give your haircuts for free--never go back to that barber again."

Well, I'm sorry my Vietnamese friend, but I'm back in the States... and I'm too cheap to see a new barber.


liso. said...

Great story...that had me laughing out loud!

Nick@Nite said...

I love stories about hair since I don't have any of my own.

I can sympathize a little because I cut my own also. In the US, I use an electric razor but in China, to avoid the voltage conversion, I used a blade. After letting it get too long once in the winter, I had a Chinese barber cut it with an electric razor and he left way too many long hairs pointing out. I went back to the Bic

blaine and michelle said...

Blaine cuts his own hair, too. It saves a ton of money, and if it makes you feel better I've never thought your hair looked awful.