Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Musical Memories

I have always been fascinated by the power of music to stir up deep emotion connected to periods of your past. Tiffany's brother Scott recently wrote a very insightful post about the link between memories and music, listing several of his associated memories to specific songs. Because I can't leave comments on Scott's blog from China, I figured I could just post some of my favorite musical memories on this site. Though there are too many to list, here are some that come to my mind:

1) Hangin' Tough, New Kids on the Block, summer 1989
The first time I heard this song, I was with LuAnn and Emily Wood on our way to the 'Shoots and Ladders' park, riding in the backseat of their gray Dodge Lancer with maroon interior. I later caught myself thinking of their revolutionary use of the whistle while sipping on my green Ecto-Cooler juicebox.

2) Pray, MC Hammer, elementary school sometime
I vividly remember riding on the school bus on the way to a local field trip when I first heard this song. Looking out the bus window at the green fields around us, I remember my awe-inspiring epiphany that MC Hammer was not only the most explosive dancer on planet Earth, but he was extremely religious too. He made me want to be a better person both physically and spiritually. Now I'm 2 Legit to Quit.

3) Treat her Right, Mr. T, summer 1989
Also in the car with the Woods that same summer, these lyrics became etched in my memory forever:
there is no other,
My mother,
so treat her right-treat her right.
Emily and I laughed and laughed about the song and repeatedly annoyed our mothers with it. After Radio Aahs (AM children's music channel) sold-out to Disney, I thought I would never hear it again. Then one magical November 2003 evening, a friend introduced me to a life-changing motivational film: Mr T's 'Be Somebody, or Be Somebody's Fool,' which featured this song; I was immediately transported to that memorable Dodge Lancer of my childhood summers. As I unofficially promoted the film, others undoubtedly fell in love with this song's innocence and lyrical rhyme. It's more than that for me, though; it is an emotional connection to my childhood.

4) I Just Called to Say I Love You, Stevie Wonder, 1989
I saved up my allowance for months ($15) to buy the most manly board game ever invented in the history of the world: Fireball Island (you have to dodge fireballs!). Upon arrival at home from Target, we turned on the radio and began to put the pieces together in a carefree love-at-home atmosphere, epitomizing the feeling of this song which played on the radio (but we later lost that feeling when we played the game and tried to destroy each other with fireballs). To this day, every time I hear this Stevie classic, it instantly brings me back to these feelings.

5) The Breaks, Kurtis Blow, Fall Semester 2003
This song will always have a special place in my heart because my roommates and I played it every day at 7am to "get ready" for school. It undoubtedly led to an early-morning dance party which got our blood pumping and minds ready for being educated.


Mac and Kelly said...

All great songs. Are you guys ok? I did not know if you were by the quake or not. i hope all is well. Kyle Mans night is just one week away we all wish you were able to come. if you have acess to face book mabe you can leave some inspirational thought to us all. that would be fantastic. whan are you guys coming back to the states?