Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Tiff's Show and Tell

I realize that some people don't really care exactly how much things cost if they really want them, if the item is high-quality, etc. I will never be one of those people. In fact, after a highly satisfying day of bargain shopping at an outdoor market (thank you Didi for your three-hour nap that made the excursion possible), I even devised Operation Show-off-my-finds: a fashion show! Somehow boasting to Kyle the almost scandalously low prices I paid for the kids' spring wardrobe just didn't suffice--I must prolong my glory and expose it to the blogging world, via two cute little bodies.

Kyle eventually convinced me that no one cares exactly how much every item of clothing cost me, so I'll refrain from sharing the specifics and suffice to say that not a single item of brand spanking new apparel cost me over the equivalent of three US buckaroos, and the majority sold for either $1.50 or 70 cents (disclaimer: ballet shirt and Didi's jammies were gifted by Grandma L so I won't be taking orders for those items). You undoubtedly will not enjoy this fashion show as much as I enjoyed heaping piles of baby clothes onto my stroller with a guilt-free financial conscience, but nevertheless feel free to bask in my success with me.


Anonymous said...

What a great posting. Getting new clothes is always great-no matter what age. How we love those happy babies!!

Gramma L

blaine and michelle said...

Well done, T! I wish I had you around to help me bargain shop!

Mish said...

Ellie has so much hair! She is sooooo cute! (and so is Didi, of course) :)

Anonymous said...

Let me smell your ahm-pit! I miss you guys so much! These are great posts and make me smile! I wish I could justify spending $1,000 dollars to travel to China and go clothes shopping. Nice job T!