Friday, April 11, 2008

Asian Mullets

During those glorious days in Little League, my hair flowed from the back of my baseball cap like a ribbon tied to an electric fan. Around the same time that I cut my masterfully designed hair, the MN Twins traded Danny Gladden (a well-known MN mulleteer) to the Detroit Tigers. After that, people even stopped line-dancing to Billy Ray Cyrus' Achy Breaky Heart with that empowering "I don't care what I look like right now" fervor. Since then, America's exposure to mullets has regrettably been limited to monster truck rallies, hard-hat construction zones, and Wal-Mart checkout lines.

In China, however, mullets are becoming shockingly common on the streets. I first noticed one a few months ago creeping down a third grade student's neck. Next, it was my 10th grader Timon (whose friend's name is Pumbah) who chopped off his long hair... but left the back hairs to carefully drape his collar. Now that people's hats are coming off as the season changes, my eyes enjoy the energizing hunt whenever I'm outdoors (Tiff gets annoyed at the daily report). It's like a real life 'Where's Waldo' game, and you have a good chance at finding him around every corner.

...While I am not trying to sluff my mullet reporting duty to my fellow citizens of planet earth, I unfortunately do not have time for a full analysis at the present time... so in other yet related news...

Now that you are on the edge of your seats, you are sufficiently prepared for the next Ellie Milestone. We have joked about Ellie's 'mullet' ever since she rubbed the hair off the back of her cranium as an infant (while the hair near her neck remained untouched)... and on March 1st, we gave her the inaugural trim of her life. Though not a traditional mullet, Tiffany says this was the closest she'll ever get to having one (not if I have anything to do with it... though I probably don't have anything to do with it).

IMPORTANT UPDATE: I was just informed by my Korean colleague that the word 'mullet' in Korean is simply translated as 'MacGyver Style' (it is also confirmed on Wikipedia). How inspiring!


mmm.chocolate said...

Awww, Ellie looks so sweet and content with her new haircut. Nothing like the days of mom pulling out the sewing shears for a fashion update :-)

Sharn said...

Wow! That was you?! That's awesome!

Mary said...

So...remember that time when we made the "I love mullets" shirts with pictures of Kyle and tried to take pictures of an innocent mullet-clad bystander? Yeah. Those were the good ol days

I love you guys

KatieC said...

Hee hee! I love mullets, too. Only on other people, of course. I never had one as female mullets have always lagged behind in popularity, for which I am eternally grateful to my parents.

If you want to speed up your search, simply stop one of the mulletteers you see, tell them you like their hair and ask them where they got it done. Then, all you have to do is stand outside the barbershop and wait, I'm sure you'll see hords of mullets.

blaine and michelle said...

Cute haircut. I love the outfit complete with accessories. She is her mother's daughter.