Friday, June 29, 2007

The College Graduate!

Well, as of today, Kyle is officially a college graduate! He turned in his senior research paper this morning and his diploma will arrive in a few short weeks! I am oozing with wifely pride. Sure, he may have set a record for the most years devoted to an undergraduate degree, but not everyone has the courage to change their major from a secure, career-oriented program to a liberal arts major (Advertising to Asian Studies), especially since he'd already been accepted into the program and knew that switching to Asian Studies would require much more challenging coursework and assignments that would stretch him far beyond his comfort zone. Learning to write and think analytically was no piece of cake, but he has improved dramatically and is now a wonderful writer and deep ponderer. Kyle has truly made all the student loans we've taken out for his education worthwhile! I asked him what he wants to do to celebrate his graduation, even if it requires spending some money, but all he could come up with is, "how about we vacation in Hawaii this August." (For those of you who are unaware, we've already secured a vacation in Hawaii in August for a relative's wedding). I was hoping for an immediate Baskin Robbins excursion, but I guess Hawaii will have to do!

Here are some pictures unrelated to graduation, but I just can't bear the thought of Grandma L's disappointment if I were to make her endure another day without grandkid pics.

Here is Didi's skeptical face, complete with double chin.

As you can see, Ellie has not really grown in the past 9 months, whereas Erik is pretty much larger every time I open my eyes from a blink. Perhaps he will soon outmerit Ellie for the title "Gigantor" which we gave her when "little" Erik was born.

With her cheesy grin, Ellie's affection for her brother may not appear sincere, but she actually is very gentle and loving with him. She's still quite jealous, but thankfully chooses to take her frustrations out on me, not him.

Here's the babe in all of his pudgified glory.

Insert Kyle on the left of this one and that's pretty much what you'll see any old morning before 8 am.This is what happens when you leave Ellie alone in a room with "yo-yo"


S. said...

Congratulations to Kyle! Changing your major mid-way through your undergrad years may have cost you some time, but at least you didn't change your mind after two years of grad school like I did--your career path is ahead of schedule, in my book.

Thanks to Tiff for some hilarious pictures (I'm thinking mainly of Ellie's distressful yogurt face). All your pictures of Ellie seem to showcase her megawatt grin, so that must have been some pretty scary yo-yo.

Love, Uncle Scott

PS-See you all in Hawaii for that relative's wedding.

Anonymous said...

These children are beautiful and so much fun! Maybe Ellie will have a "big" brother after all, rather than a little brother.
Love Gramma L

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Kyle and also Tiffany. It has been a "long haul" for you two. Now -- The real world awaits all your talents!!
Love Mom L

Bethany said...

You're little family is growing up fast! Congrats to Kyle on graduation. Hope to see some pictures of the Larsen family in China soon :).

- 何晴恬 (he qing tian)

EJNielsen said...

Congrats to Kyle!! I can't wait til the day that my Eric is in your place. You're children are so cute and growing like crazy! Looks like your Erik will be able to take out William!

Love ya!