Sunday, July 08, 2007

Big Buddha

How about rubbing this belly for good luck!

I guess I'm not sure why I bother putting cute clothes on my kids at the beginning of the day. They much prefer nudity, but I guess I don't mind that either. I think this one is supposed to be a cuddle.

And this one's supposed to be a hug.

And this one a kiss. I think Didi's feeling the love.

And then when she DOES wear pants... sort of...

After five years of complacency, I finally relented to hike Y mountain. The arduous journey was no sweat, literally, for Kyle, while I huffed, puffed and panted my way through seemingly endless switchbacks until we turned a corner and there lay the loveliest slab of painted cement I've ever laid eyes on. It was a great workout, a wonderful view, and I just couldn't feel like a genuine BYU alumna without having hiked the Y. So, congratulations me! I am a real graduate now.

Kyle tried to get me to think we still had a ways to go, and I was still trying to get him to carry we the rest of the way, and then I looked up and there it was. Oo, if I'd have had a spare calorie of energy, I'd have jumped for joy.

oops, I meant to put in an aerial shot of Provo here, but I guess the parking lot will do.

Here's my victory Y.

4th of July was a fun but exhausting day, commencing with a community parade (quarter of a million people strong) and concluding with the Stadium of Fire fireworks show after dark. It was selling nachos at Stadium of Fire three years ago that Kyle and I first fell in love, so we have even more to celebrate at this time of year than the birth of America.


SKISL said...

No kidding--did you guys fall in love on the 4th of July? Of course you know that it was on July 4, 1998 that Kristin and I became an item. I secretly liked her long before that, but July 4 was when I came clean with my intentions. We need to have some sort of interstate commemoration next year.

By the way, what are you feeding that kid, deep-fried sticks of butter?

Zugman said...

What great pics! I especially like those good-lookin' shorts :-)

Jeff said...

That baby is fat... but still cute.