Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Erik's many faces

Though he looks adorably small, don't be deceived... at his two week check-up he weighed over 9 pounds! (It's good if they get back to birth weight at two weeks.)

Erik appears to be completely opposite to newborn Ellie: dark skin, hair, and eyes, good eating skills, great burping dexterity instead of Ellie's intense spitting-up dexterity, he doesn't cry much, has long toes, he pees up instead of down, and his favorite color is manly pastel-blue. Though we thought we could never adore anybody as much as Ellie, we are amazed at the newfound joys and increased love we have for our growing posterity. It's a good thing Tiffany is there to raise them; I would mess those kids UP!


Kir said...

ADORABLE! You have cute kids with lots of personality. I love it!