Sunday, November 12, 2006

My Addictive Primary Popcorn Problem

Today was the primary program at church, so we had a party afterwards! In my few years of memory, there seems to be a consistent chaos that has always correlated with the program every year. This time, nothing totally "absoludicrus" happened in the program, which was good. The real chaos happened during the post-program party. Kids running around, screaming, throwing things, making popcorn angels in the carpet, and trying to push thumb tacks in each other's legs all played an important part of today's activities.

While watching Mr. Krueger's Christmas, they dished out huge bags of popcorn, which was extremely delicious. It didn't take long before the floor was blanketed with ridiculously buttery and salty popcorn (which worked out for my benefit when I was the first to finish my bag...). OHHH! That popcorn was so good! When the popcorn was gone from my immediate area, I found the last kernel stuck to this one kid's back... he didn't even feel popcorn thief acting again in desperation. Ari (age 4) hung from my tie and nearly choked me to death soon after she was doing the unspeakable in her nose and without any shame. It was a memorable day, especially that popcorn. I would do pretty much ANYTHING to get more and began to scare Tiff... I also realized that it's a good thing I don't do drugs.