Thursday, November 16, 2006

Am I in college?

Tiff and I are in this "History of Creativity" class to fulfill our early civilization requirement to graduate from college. The take-home portion of the last exam was to create a mosaic out of any medium we wanted which depicted the concept of faith. So for hours of our valuable, and expensive, college study time, we cut up paper, marshmallows, and candy, and glued them to a big piece of paper. I really learned a lot of great life skills and knowledge, like making sure that the glue cap is on properly so the glue won't pour out like milk.
Above is Tiff's masterpiece "Consider the Lillies" made from sweedish fish, sweettarts, sunflower seeds, and gummy bears.

Below is Kyle's masterpiece "Nauvoo Temple" made from paper, pretzels, chocolate chips, and marshmallows.