Saturday, December 10, 2011

Baby Model

Kjerstin and I were about to nakify and play dress-up with Amelia for an afternoon with my ghetto point-and-shoot when our talented friend Polly serendipitously showed up with banana bread, overheard our plans, and offered her services instead.

Amelia's our first child to get a newborn photo shoot and goodness it was a little too much fun to manipulate those moldable limbs and decorate her with all manner of silliness. Polly did an incredible job, and Amelia only pooped on Polly's comforter twice. Success! Sweet, snuggly, scrumptious success. Oh boy do I love this little girl.

I think I look like a creepy brontosaurus in this one.

Kyle's mom crocheted this darling little hat. Yum!

See, we got a little ridiculous at times. This is my bow and it looks way too big even on my head. Good thing Amelia has a sense of humor.

This photo shoot was so much fun! More good news: just recently a friend who is starting a photography business offered to do a sibling photo shoot for us and I am ecstatic for the opportunity to capture on film some of the sweetness that's been going on around here.

Ellie is ever attentive to and enamored with her sister (no really, she's rather obsessed). Erik talks to her in a sugary, high-pitched voice and gets upset if anyone puts their germy lips on her face or touches her without sanitizing first. Charlie asks to hold her for brief intervals and even if she's perfectly content he coos, "It's okay, Ming-uh. Chawie's here."

"Ming-uh" is Charlie's best attempt at pronouncing her name and it's a nick name that has officially stuck! Erik dubbed Charlie "Chuz" and "Chuggy" as a baby and those stuck, too. Yes, we are feeling the love. More pictorial evidence coming soon!


Mish said...


Karrot Soup said...

You are so silly. It makes me happy (from a distance maybe?) Love Ming-uh and hope to see her someday while she's still so delicious. Also, I've been thinking of you and your back, hope you will get better :)

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Heather said...

Ahhhh . . . She's precious!! I love newborn pics!!

Aubrey said...

Soo precious! I love all the pictures and the girlyness! And no, you don't look creepy at all- let alone a dinosaur!! I hope you are doing well! Let me know whenever you need something!

Joe and Christie said...

I can't take this much cute in one sitting. Serious.


I don't want to go into early labor.

Mary said...

Love it!