Sunday, March 06, 2011

Two of my faves came down for Prez. Day weekend and there was a great deal of awesomeness on our agenda, including shrimp tempura sushi with mango sauce. Yes, it's that good.

Almost as good as Mom looking terrible determined, eating an orange (a la Christmas 2010).

One thing you should try NOT to do when you have an enormous zit between your eyes that you've popped three nights in a row which turned it into two enormous zits between your eyes is to SLATHER IT IN TOOTHPASTE OVER NIGHT. Ohhhh yes, it burned real good. You better believe that zit was gone the next morning. But then I had this beaut of a chemical burn to humiliate me for several days.

I'd heard rumors that these burns never fully heal, which would've served me right. However, God was merciful and, doused in neosporin and aloe vera at all times, the burn started to peel within a few days. Still a moderately traumatizing experience. Also, it looked much more distinctly burgandy than these pictures depict.

And just so the last image of me in your mind is not the horrific three seen above, how bout some leggings! Ooo pick me, pick me! Ever since my fateful first encounter with Emily's leggings seen here, I cannot seem to take these blessed stretchy pants off.

And just so the last image in your mind is not of me,

Okay, yeah, that's kinda weird. I was only trying to find a cute, recent candid of my kids and this is the best I've got. I'll do better with the camera.


Chris said...

You look HOT. Jealous. In the leggings.

blaine and michelle said...

Um....who gave you permission to be so stylish and cute and have 3 kids? Unfair. Can't wait to see you in May!!!

nimbus said...

It's only legal in So Carolina.

Cathi said...

I sat staring at that picture of Ellie and Erik for quite some time trying to decide if it was weird or cute. I'm still not completely sure to be honest, but as long as you put in in each of their separate wedding montagues, then it's definitely a keeper. And might I add, you're looking very hot in the leggings. I don't think I could pull those off.

Amy said...

You rock the leggings girl! You look hot!!!

ceche said...

I LOVE LEGGINGS!!! I wear them whenever I can here, which... is not often.

You are looking super fab and skinny these days. Kudos.