Sunday, June 13, 2010

Totally 80s!

Three parties, a visit from Kyle's parents, and other odds and ends to blog before all the Goodwin fam comes to town this week. So, although it's no fun for me, I will be brief.

Kyle's totally 80's birthday party back in April, as promised, rocked us like a hurricane. Never been to the thrift store so many times in a week as when planning this party.

Here's a better look at those sweet stilleto boots. So nasty-- one of them still had a socklet in it at the store, probably dating back to the 80s, that I made Kyle remove before we purchased. Oh, and can I just mention that this was my inaugural leggings experience (post elem. school, of course), and they are comfy and wonderful in ways I can't describe. I wear them as often as possible, even right now as I type, in fact! Sorry, Em, you may never get your leggings back!

Mac is so awesome he tie dyed these pants specifically for the occasion.

Em's looks a little too cute to be at an 80's party.

They had ninjas in the 80s, right?

Emily said David spent more time on his hair than she did.

Can anyone guess who Mish is? Yeah, it went down a little like all her hard-to-"get" costumes of the past. But I liked it.

Finally someone was willing to wear the mullet wig! Then the party was complete.

Notice both Bob and Erik eying the spread. After a while of putting Erik back to bed, I stopped caring and let him enjoy the party for a couple hours. He is my only child who will sleep in past 6:30, after all.

If I could've hit up some yard sales I'm sure that would've been a much longer cassette tape garland.

You can't see well, but the bottom right picture is Kyle with a mullet in the 80s, and the top left is Kyle this year still dressing like it's the 80s.

Yes, that is Separate Ways by Journey playing on the laptop, surrounded by 80s treats and trinkets we all loved, like Ring Pops and Pop Rocks. I only wish I'd found some slap bracelets!

At first Kyle requested a Mr. T cake, but at the first sign of my pre-party basket case behavior, he forced me to abort those plans and opt for brightly frosted brownies adorned with iconic faces of his favorite decade.

Kelly won Kyle's 80s trivia quiz and therefore the privilege of knocking down our own little Berlin Wall (but my camera was too slow to capture that, it seems).

We wrapped it all up with games and jibber jabber (and a kid on crack knocking on our door asking if we're ravers and insisting Kyle is gay, but that's another story). I must confess that an 80s theme was not on my top-100 list of parties I want to throw (not cute enough), but it was probably the most fun I've actually had during one of my parties.

For example, Emily's reaction when she bit into a plastic baby was priceless. Very dramatic. Much better than we expected, really.

Thanks to Kjerst and Mish, as always, for allowing themselves to be sucked into my party planning. Up to this point, I've mostly thrown Kyle a surprise birthday party, but that turns out to be not so surprising after a few years, and how on earth was I going to pull off an 80s party without Kyle's expertise?


Marilyn said...

I LOVED the 80's. It was my favorite decade, so don't you go dissing on the 80's. I pity da foo.

Susie said...

Holy mullets batman, that is AWESOME! I wanna party witchoo some day!!! Looks like a blast!