Wednesday, January 19, 2011

trying to recoup


1. Thank you, truly, for your supportive comments in response to my last post. You are wise and kind friends and fam and your encouragement makes a great difference to me.

2. Things, of course, improved the very next day. Erik had a couple rough weeks, and then suddenly got his act together and hasn't thrown a monster tantrum since. I still tried to schedule an appointment for him to be evaluated and admitted into a developmental preschool, but now I'm not so sure he'd qualify... how fickle of me, I know.

3. I wish I could say I'm feeling fine now, but truthfully, the massive speeding ticket AND criminal charge I was saddled with yesterday have been weighing me down considerably. Of course I have my excuses, nothing that would soften the charge whatsoever (heartless man), and now I have to appear in court next week and pay some hefty fines, plus the usual traffic school nonsense. I feel so demoralized and frustrated and depressed about this. I bawled uncontrollably the whole way home, despite Ellie's concerted efforts to console me. I embroidered and watched Penelope clips on SNL last night to get my mind off the matter, but then there the papers were this morning, tainting my clean kitchen counter with their unholy writ. So... Kyle will be home tomorrow. That will be good. Please pray with me that I don't get the likes of Judge Judy to reckon with in court.

4. On a lighter and happier note, of course I'm not pregnant, you silly dears! I'm falling apart as it is, and even if I wasn't, I'm not willing to risk destroying my marriage for another daughter. At least if I were preggie, though, I'd have an excuse for all the blubbering I've been up to lately!

5. On an even lighter and happier note,

my Ma is invincible.


Emily said...

Criminal Charges?!?!?! Wow, Tiff. Did you cry in front of the cop? Hopefully your articulateness can get you out of something in court. :(

Bethany said...

Oh my word--can't wait to hear the story behind the criminal charge. That is, once you're feeling up to discussing it and can type it without soaking the keyboard in tears. I totally would have bawled. Then there's my husband who has schmoozed his way out of 4--yes 4!--tickets. When he smiles he looks 14 and seems so innocent. Good luck.

sara said...

Awesome picture of your mom! I can't believe you got a ticket. Tell the judge the cop was a racist and it's racial profiling since you're half Chinese and half Vietnamese (you get that from Kyle). Or you could just make him cookies. Good luck! And I'm so happy for you that Kyle is coming home! Make sure you guys get a hot date night in the schedule.

Cathi said...

So sorry sweetheart. I hope everything goes alright in court today. I'll be thinking about you. Glad Erik's doing better.

Thomas Family said...

Criminal charge!! What the heck?! I will happily watch your kids for you while you go to court and pray with all earnesty that your judge is merciful... :)

nimbus said...

I hate speeding tickets. They stay on your insurance for 5 years.

Marilyn said...

All this and you didn't even have time to tell me about it while I was there monopolizing the conversation. I'm so sorry.