Wednesday, January 26, 2011

More about me!

-Yay! Kyle is home from his T-bird stint across China. He loved it. He ate it up. He wants to live there again... For now, we are happy to be a family of five again. I'm thinking about sending him off to Abu-Dhabi or the likes on a regular basis because he came back SO appreciative of me. Good stuff.

-Also, why can't I ever go to bed? Help! No seriously, I don't think I've gone to bed early once in my life, nor have I been on time to anything (on purpose) once in my life. I got a failing mark in punctuality on my 2nd grade report card and never improved. I want to go bed earlier so I'm not such a scary and negligent mother each and every morning. Are we truly born as early-birds or night-owls? If so, is there still hope for me to change my natural body clock orientation? If so, HOW?! This is the only me I have ever known, and I honestly don't know how to change, but my family desperately needs me to. Please help.

-Speaking of great movies, here's one you ought to watch: He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not. It's French and it's fabulous. No no, fabouleuse. I can't say anything else about it, so just trust me, because I like very few films. Don't read any reviews, either, because they'll give things away, too. Just believe me that it's refreshingly original with the perfect amount of complexity and weightiness, and amazingly (because c'est francais, after all), no nudity! Watch it. Then make sure to tell me how much you loved it.

-Speaking of love sweet love, that's just how I feel about momhood. Drudgery between them, motherhood is magical moments that no other career can touch. It is the stuff heaven's made of. God is raising me as I raise my kids, and I'm absolutely convinced I'm doing the greatest work on earth. Yay for moms! We are truly amazing. (And it's okay to think that, too!)

-Christmas is officially next on the to-blog list, but for now, here's just a little something to celebrate: A Day in the Life of a Bushy-Backed Sea-slug, a series by me and my lil' Mish.

(A bit of background: It all started when Mish and I got a kick out of Mom's wig being dropped on various shelves around my house, including by my nativity set. Yep, that's all the inspiration Mish needed.)

(just felt romantic, I dunno)


Marilyn said...

Thanks for the laugh. It just perked me right up.

Bethany said...

Glad you have your husband back! Matt will be doing a Japan/Singapore/Ireland trip in a few weeks, so we'll be dad-less for a while, too. Those pictures of the wig are so funny--exactly something my family would do.

Karrot Soup said...

I think THAT'S where Mish's blog fame will come from. S. gave me the heads-up to go look at your post, and I am so glad I did! Tell Mish to find a wig and take it to Smith's!!!

Mary said...

That is too funny. Looks like I need a wig!

I'm glad Kyle is back.

Tana said...

poilkjI watched your movie recommendation and through the whole first half I wondered what exactly the hold this movie had on you. Interesting twist and plot. I got shivers at the end.

Glad the family is back together.