Monday, June 07, 2010

Good night, sleep tight

Obviously, I love kiddie birthday parties. But I might just love baby showers even more. Probably because adults can appreciate the heart and soul that went into the party details, and they don't even destroy the decorations.

Before Noe was even preggie, I called dibs on throwing her shower. Her generous friend M offered to host the event, which was probably why this gig looked approximately a thousand times cuter than my other parties. Her house is pretty. (My mediocre photography skills never come close to giving justice to party ambiance, but trust me, it was cute.)

After we found out Noe's having a boy, I searched and searched for the perfect theme. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of adorable ideas out there, but I am also working with a tight budget, so I need a theme that's cute and clever, but also lends itself well to homemade decor and household items.

I decided on a Bedtime Stories theme, which was fabulous because we all have sleepy time items on hand. Stuffed animals, pillows, bedtime books, canopy, pjs, flashlights, crib mobiles, the works. Throw in some milk and cookies and a splash of moons and stars (thank you, Cricut!) and that's how you throw an easy, "awwww"-worthy baby shower for under $10. (Okay, so I had help on food and paper goods, but claiming to throw a party for under $10 makes me sound like the ultimate deal diva. So let it be.)

I had envisioned the serving table to be dressed up like a twin bed, but M had this enormous canine that serviced well instead.

Noe's sister K was a peach to make ginger chewies, chocolate chippers, jam thumbprints, and chocolate crinkles. Kjerst and I rounded out the calories providing oatmeal raisin chewies, lemony crescent moons, chocolate dipped oreos, and peanut butter kisses. In case that fell shy of inducing a sugar coma, it all centered around a chocolate milk dispenser.

Yeah, judging by our leftovers, every woman in the room was on a no-sugar diet, but I myself found it to be a most delectable spread.

Yay! I finally had a reason to open this canopy I bought eons ago. Now it's back to hiding on my closet floor, but it had its moment as the keeper of baby gifts.

The vase is filled with Cookie Crisp and yes I poured it back into the box afterward.

In her mini book of advice, I gave guests specific instructions, because whenever I'm asked to offer general advice on parenting, I come up empty and conclude that I know nothing. Of course it turns out that, with a bit more prodding, I have no shortage of opinions. So I designated sections of the advice book to specific topics for late pregnancy through baby's first year.

M designed the circle tags for the favors and Kjerst, Laurisa and I spent many, many frustrating moons trying to force pretty bows over slippery fabric onto tiny jars. Learned my lesson, as you will see when I post Charlie's party. The jars held chocolates, lemon drops, or peppermint tea packets. We made more than double what we needed, so the kids' primary leaders all got tea and sleepy moon lemon drops for Mother's Day the next morning, and my visiting teachees will continue receiving these for a few more months.

We played a few games and chatted about baby this and baby that. I love this girl and can't believe she had the nerve to move to Arizona and have her baby without me. I will just have to follow her there, that'll show her. (And if all goes according to far-fetched dreams, I will be following her there this fall...)

Yay for baby showers! Fun fun fun! Cute cute cute! Quick, somebody get pregnant so I can throw another!


Mary said...

T- You look amazing and beautiful and you're the best showerer (of others as well as yourself I assume:))

Joe and Christie said...

I would have done some serious damage to that dessert spread.
Adorable theme, I will be stealing it in the future.

blaine and michelle said...

LOVE it. and $10? Impressive. Did I mention LOVE it? I wish I were there so you could throw me one. Except, I don't think it's normal to throw a baby shower for #4. And how dare you (possibly) move to Arizona after I leave?? Denver's way cooler.