Sunday, March 07, 2010

This was it

Noe did such a fantastic job planning and executing a Michael Jackson-themed surprise party for Mark in January. The music and decor were perfect and pork salads a la Cafe Rio were oh so scrumptious. In preparation for the evening, we enjoyed watching Michael's music videos all morning and pulling costumes together all afternoon. No, it was not a costume party.

I am curious to know if anyone can tell from which music videos we gleaned our inspiration. Keep a mental note and I'll reveal the sources at the end of the post.

I tried to tell them my nose is several varieties too large to play the part, but somehow I still got cornered into wearing the white glove.

Is Mish okay?

Doesn't look good...

This precious thrift store find deserves a close up. You better believe Kyle will be sporting this bad boy again.

Don't leave her home alone.

He'll make it better.

whuuuuhhhhhaahaaaggghgh! (you know, in Whale)

(sorry about those tacky clues)

I'm the MJ from Black and White
Mish is the Asian chic from Smooth Criminal
Kyle's a dancer from Bad
Ellie is Macauly Caulkin from Black and White
Erik is a sickly child from the intro to Heal the World
Charlie is Willy, as in the free one

We spent kind of a lot of time and energy pulling these costumes together for a whole lot of uncostumed strangers, but the morning of research gave us an edge on the Michael Jackson trivia quiz, and we scored a Greatest Hits cd out of it. Also, we just kind of enjoy doing things like this around here. Also, at the party Kyle learned how to jerk.


Karrot Soup said...

Gee, and our idea of fun this weekend was to try and haul 4 kids to a nature center and endure a very whiny walk to celebrate some real spring weather. I'll take yours any day. (Or, a walk with Scott withOUT kids, but that seems even less likely!) Ironically and yet as usual, the kids all reported at the end of the day that the walk was the best thing that had happened.

Triet said...

Awesome. 'Nuff said.

Marilyn said...

You guys are always good for a a good way.

Anonymous said...

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