Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Feeling lucky

No seriously, I must be part Irish because today was my day! Firstly and most importantly, I woke up at 7am. And I hadn't woken up since I fell asleep. Folks, I am still in shock. This was the first night in my memory since Charlie's arrival that I've enjoyed more than four hours of uninterrupted sleep. What a loooong 9.5 months of nights we've had. Anyway, that is all behind us now because Charlie slept 11 hours last night! ! ! ! ! (Hyperventilating over here) This milestone far surpasses in significance all those scrapbooky ones like walking, talking, smooshing food in hair by oneself, etc. I still only got six hours of sleep, but that's my own fault. So, we could've ended the day right there and this would've been the best day of my recent life, but it gets better still...

Leprechauns visited our home last night, and I have an inkling they'd planned a few more shenanigans, but they kind of procrastinated this year, so all they left was a kitchen pot of gold-covered chocolates and a generous scattering of rainbow-colored skittles. Ellie actually had the nerve to complain, "I wish the leprechauns would have brought more things." "You didn't even leave any REAL gold for them!" I scolded. Then I scolded her some more for her attitude of ingratitude. Next year she'll get coal in a kitchen pot.

Okay, but that was still a little fun. We rummaged through our dresser drawers for everything green and put all of it on. I did feel a teensy bit embarrassed about our collective appearance a few times today, but truly, what fun is it on a special holiday to wear something you would've worn anyway? We ONLY wear green on clashing green on clashing green on clashing green on this single day of the year. Festive us.

Then I was going to make green pancakes for breakfast, but I got all irritatingly health-conscious (it annoys even me-- since when do I care about health!?) and made whole wheat, no sugar added, blueberry pancakes instead. But I still displayed them like so and dropped some green food coloring in their milk, so they didn't even miss the syrup.

I put Charlie down for his routine power nap (his naps have only ever been 30 minutes max if not being held), and got to take a shower. Wow. I read a few books to the kids, then we played Chutes & Ladders, and then did some puzzles. By this point, and I am not at all a worry-prone person, I am pressing my ear against my bedroom door listening for Charlie's breathing and hearing nothing. But I think he's still alive. But I'm not sure. An HOUR AND 45 MINUTES after I put him down, the wonder baby awakens. I glance heavenward. "Is this some kind of joke?" Things like this do not happen to people like me. I am nervous to hope for a repeat miracle nap tomorrow, but even for one day it tasted like "the celestial kingdom after two lifetimes of suffering" (--Mark P). Charlie actually woke up HAPPY, because he woke up RESTED. What a concept. Lucky lucky lucky me.

We went to the library and didn't get chastised by the cranky librarian even once this time. We checked out a gaggle of interesting books and then headed for the park and enjoyed the unbelievably gorgeous weather for some time. It was so warm we stopped at the outdoor pool, just to check, but no, they're not open until June.

No matter. Bought some cheap produce at Sunflower market and picked up Kyle from work. Nobody cried in the car. Nobody peed their pants all day (that's actually a first, as well). Nobody had a tantrum of any sort. No one was even injured! Freakishly lucky! Did someone from Hogwarts slip some liquid luck into my green smoothie this morning?

Kyle handled all the kids while Vitamix and I whipped up dinner. Holy cow, I love that guy. Oh yeah, I love Kyle, too. But Vitamix, you know just how long it would've taken me to finely mince six carrots, six celery stalks, six garlic cloves, and a large onion, not to mention the tears that would've been shed. Thank you for managing all of that in blurry, record-breaking speed.

Smiths was fresh out of corned beef, so we dined on bland Irish shepherd's pie instead (somehow couldn't even taste the cheese).

But no matter, because tomorrow I'm making this bad boy.

Still, can tomorrow top today? I'll be looking for one of these just in case.

P.S. Oooo, maybe it's all the four-leaf pretzels I ate yesterday!

Uh, I just noticed they're unlucky six-leaf clovers. Must be liquid luck then.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Congrats on the great day! And don't worry. I made corned beef and It wasn't that good--traditional, but still not my favorite.

Cathi said...

I think Charlie's sudden change of sleep had to be because I came to visit. I mean really, what else changed? He just saw Mark and me and thought, wow! if I sleep like Mark I will be happy too. And I'm not even going to make some remark like, well, maybe not, because it MUST be true! It was great to see everyone. Can't wait for the summer!

Emily said...

I'm so happy for you for so many reasons. Especially any that revolve around Charlie and Eric's dry underwear.

blaine and michelle said...

It was me. I sneaked into your house and put the liquid luck in your food. Yep, all me.

But seriously!!! Keep the good sleep going Charlie. It's like my sleep Bible says, sleep begets sleep. Yay!

Mish said...

Tiff, you're cool.

sara said...

Wow, tell Ellie she's way lucky because I didn't get any skittles yesterday. I didn't even know that was an option. I've actually never eaten corned beef in my life, but we had some Irish chimichangas yesterday. Totally counts!

Marilyn said...

Well, you don't look Irish to me.

Joe and Christie said...

It was ME!!!

I used my birthday wish on you because your blog is my salvation. (Is that sad? Or cool?)

Anyway, I love the pictures, you are all looking achingly adorable.

Curse this ocean/western region/bazillion miles between us!

nimbus said...

I am so glad that you got to experience the perfect day while you are young. It doesn't happen often.

liso. said...

okay, i just absolutely love your idea of green on saint patty's day! i don't know why i've never thought of that, but i'm totally going to adopt it - i can't wait for next year so i can just pile it on!

AND... i made that dish last night - fantastic! we loved it!