Sunday, November 02, 2008

Have we Forgotten the Meaning of Marriage?

There is a perfectly good reason that I haven't been posting on our blog: I've been spending my nights commenting on proposition 8 videos on This has been an experience of mixed emotions, but one thing I'm not mixed on is my conviction that prop 8 is worth supporting, and will absolutely affect more people than just homosexuals. Perhaps the greatest of those effects will be upon children. So, with the election upon us, I must promote these videos found on

These videos hit the issue on the nail! If legalizing gay marriage was just about consenting adults, what respectable person would forbid it? However, children can NOT be separated from the discussion of marriage. I support gay rights, right up until the point that they compromise the rights of children, and really who can deny that children deserve a mother and a father? Well, lots of people have tried, but logic, nature, and endless research refute their claims. The gender of parents DOES matter, having both parents present DOES matter, and marriage DOES matter to kids.

A wise man I know puts it this way: why should the hurt feelings of adults trump the best interest of children? This is one of those issues with which knowledge is power. I firmly believe that if Californians truly understood both the meaning and consequences of proposition 8, we would have a landslide victory. The more I understand about the issues surrounding prop 8, the more I am in support of it.

I realize I'm again preaching to the choir addressing this on my blog, but watch these videos anyway. Even if you don't live in California, this battle will (maybe even soon) be coming your way.


Anonymous said...

Amen! Congrats on the success so far. We've sure been working hard here in Utah to support prop 8. Miss you guys!!

Marilyn said...

You know I agree 100%. I think I heard today that Prop. 8 has passed. i sure hope so.

morganators said...

Thanks for the info you shared. It's difficult to come up with a rational argument against gay marriage that can't be turned right around to support it. I think this one about children is pretty difficult to debate.