Sunday, December 09, 2007

Going native, in style.

Well, thanks to some past Tianjin church members who were kind enough to leave this bad boy in town, we are now able to travel a lot easier with our sweet luxurious ride. Now I don't think you can find this kind of machinery in the states: it's half hog, half bicycle, and the best part is that it runs off electric power! (Who said we never did anything for the environment?!) It's actually quite convenient; if you are running low on power, you can pedal to recharge the battery automatically. I drive while Tiff sits on the throne with the kids.

We call it our 快车 (pronounced kwai-chuh),which is the same term used for the high speed bullet train that gets us to Beijing in just over an hour. I would say there is probably just one difference between our bike and the train: after an hour ride, our 快车 only gets us to church. Oh, one more--it's freakin' cold riding this hog in this season. So two-wheelers, BEWARE! The 老外快车is back on the road and ready for some sweet action.

(No Mom Larsen, we aren't fighting off SARS or getting out of surgery, the masks actually serve a face-warming function.)


Tana said...

I love your ride! I bet it will be really fun when it warms up again. Should I make you some scarves? I wish we could visit. I'd love to take it on a spin.

Zugman said...

Oh, how you make me laugh! What a sweet set of wheels you have!