Friday, November 02, 2007


It wasn't until the start of this week that I became disappointed in my lack of festivity for the Halloween season. I tend to overdo (and thoroughly enjoy it) decorations, costumes, and all things festive and celebratory. With "they don't care about Halloween in China" as my pitiful excuse, I had ignored the upcoming holiday. Well, Ellie and I decorated a paper pumpkin later that day and taped it to our cement walls. There, that was better. But still not enough! So Kyle agreed to allow me to host a party, which took place last night. I baked goodies incessantly all day and the sixteen of us (I'm so happy that we finally know enough people in China to invite to a party!) had a perfect Halloween celebration, although void of trick-or-treating or bobbing for apples. Charades was possibly the highlight of the night where the Koreans and Chinese hilariously acted out new English vocabulary words like: arachnophobia, skeleton, haunted house, etc... We topped off the evening licking "ghost pops" (suckers) and watching the latest Harry Potter movie with Korean, Chinese, and Russian subtitles.