Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Box House

In order to combat any future accusations of favoring our second child (or maybe just to satisfy an urge to play with sharp knives), we made a special place for Ellie. Tiffany had the fabulous idea of building a house a week or so ago, and after dropping me off at work we found and somehow managed to stuff that thing in the backseat of our sedan.

When Ellie realized the magic of the large furniture box, she refused get out of it, and has been throwing housewarming parties ever since. The perfect little hostess will not accept "no" as an answer--in her mind there is unlimited room in her house. Tiff put up some decorations and lights later. So what if it's taking up half of our living room?

Here's Ellie moving in her most beloved belongings: her babies and their box bed.