Friday, April 19, 2013

P.S. Easter

It's coming.  Or rather, it came and went, and I still intend to prove it.  Here's a teaser.

Sugar and spice and everything nice

I know, I don't blog anymore.  Guilty as charged.  I do keep a journal, though!  Here's a snippet from April 15th.

Charlie was engaged in his usual routine of grabbing things from Ming, smashing her onto the ground, dumping things out, and using swiped metal kitchen tools to bang on furniture and people's heads, with a few screams and slaps throw into the mix.  That last one landed him in time-out.  He's been especially resistant to time out lately so when he finally accepted that he couldn't escape without me plopping him back down in his room, he bawled.

Erik and Ellie were home but unfazed.  Amelia, however, toddled on over and paused, squatting at his side with her arm extended toward him, opening and closing her fist toward him awkwardly, a sort of beckoning gesture.  She made soft little coos of sympathy and didn't stop while he ignored her.  Charlie kept crying and rolled onto the floor, and Amelia stroked his head while he cried, sometimes patting it softly, all the way until he stopped crying and said, "who's doing that?"  When he turned and saw her, my heart was bursting and Charlie accepted her sympathy, offering her a rare gentle hug and kiss, and then was "all better."  

She showed a similar display of compassion toward Ellie last week when she was left sobbing after Charlie stepped on her face.  

Maybe this is typical behavior for a 16-month-old, dunno.  I haven't seen it this young in my parenthood yet, especially the part where she shows so much devoted concern for the one who's in time-out for attacking her.

I love this girl so much it hurts.  The hardest part about raising her has been how desperately she wants to snuggle and be held.  Really?  The worst part about my baby is that she adores me.  My heart is full as I observe her adorable discovery of life and pursuit of happiness each day (which seriously is mostly taking care of baby dolls and stuffed animals, and snuggling with me).  Stay small forever, sweet Ming.  

That will make it much easier on my back muscles.

Gotta love her unibrow-looking birthmark.  She's such a muppet.

Oh, here comes the choke hold.

Still smiling.

Okay, now it hurts.

And then she goes right back to loving him.  Such a miracle baby.