Tuesday, June 05, 2012

may into june

This is similar to the top I started with, except mine was all aqua. 
I turned it into this.  Not super flattering, but an improvement.  And I spent $0 on my outfit for Mish's wedding.  I'll wear that with pride, hehe.
It was two long evenings of mending and repurposing clothing items, mostly successful.  This one was supposed to look like...

...this.  Kjerstin and I are still convinced that she lied and just went out and bought an already made dress for the "after" shot of her skirt.

In other news, the kids still carry dramatic tendencies.  This tantrum was only partially staged.

Erik turned five!  I told him to request any meals he desired for his birthday and he came up with cold cereal, pb&j with watermelon, and mac n cheese.  Wasn't about to argue.

He also requested Chucke Cheese.  The games these days are a little on the lame side, but the kids didn't seem to notice.

This was the highlight of my night.  When the jeep started to rock, Erik cried out nervously and clung desperately to the window the whole ride, thoroughly concerned that it was unsafe.  Charlie laughed giddily the whole while. 

This was the best I got of Ellie's end-of-year kindergarten concert.

This is how I kept Ming quiet.  My first kid to refuse a pacifier.

Awww, sister love.  Ming doesn't yet know how lucky she is.

Drive in movie with wonderful friends.  Thoroughly enjoyable.  I think we will miss this heat sometimes.

And the next morning...
No shame to his game.

Erik's last day of preschool.  Dah!  Why is he so big and lovable?!  I hope his teachers next year are exactly like his teachers this year.  They were perfectly everything he needed.  I even got a little choked up.

As Charlie's learned to talk more and scream less, he's become less of an enemy and more of an accomplice to Erik's shenanigans.  Okay, he's more like the ring leader.  They're often up to no good, but look at them.  Who am I to spoil their fun?

They requested a Wild Kratts birthday party that our amazing Crum friends were kind enough to host.

Girls' night outs are probably the best thing ever.  Besides the kids and responsibilities I'm escaping, of course. =) 

Then Charlie turned three.  He made a scene at church, blocking a crowd of people in the hallway by jumping out with arms spread, exclaiming "BOOM BABY!"  He thinks he's hilarious. 

Goodness that kid.

He's technically no longer terrible, but still plenty of "No I can do it all by myself!" around here.

It's looking up from here.  He may actually turn out to be our most stable and typical child yet.  Oh the irony.  Sure love the lot of them.


Anonymous said...

You have the most amazing kids! And Charlie is right--he is adorable. Is that a tattoo on his arm?!?!!?

sara said...

Such a good update! I saw that white dress on Pinterest and thought it looked simple. Thanks for trying it out for me so I didn't end up buying a huge skirt to re-purpose. Good job on the other shirt. It looked fabulous! The kids are looking cute. Aren't they about ready for a trip to Las vegas?

Mish said...

hahahahaha, Charlie! Why is that kid the worst and the greatest all at the same time? So many good pictures. And I love seeing all those aqua outfits. :)