Wednesday, May 02, 2012


I'm a full-fledged, extroverted yellow personality, down to every spontaneous, obnoxious trait.  Part of this means that I don't like to be alone.  I can't recall ever craving time to myself.  Most of the time, this works out well as family and friends have lived with us for the greater part of our marriage, and when they're not officially part of the household, they're still in and out.  We thoroughly enjoyed visits from Kyle's parents and my parents this past week.

Kyle left for three days early this morning and then promptly at 11:00, my lovely next-door neighbor picked up Mama, the last of our visitors to go, and whisked her off to the airport in a fancy, silver Hummer.  I missed her immediately and have felt strangely lonesome ever since.

I was still surrounded by children and tasted little peace and silence until 8:17 pm, but still.  So uncomfortably on my own.  I confess it was even very much a discouraging day.  Nothing too notable.  I just let things get me down, and no adults were here to help me pick myself up.  Ellie did her best, which is pretty admirable for a six-year-old.  (That kid is so stinkin' mature and thoughtful.  At least every day she compliments me on my motherhood and expresses sympathy for the hard work I put into my job.  I continually remind her that I love my job and that she need not feel so culpable for her brothers' rowdiness or her mother's outbursts.)

Anyway, I intended to do some substantial blogging tonight.  To catch up on some of the goodness that has filled or at least accented our lives as of late.  However, I will be the only adult in the house come sunrise tomorrow so I best be prepared to make an appearance in the am.

Instead of document my own life, I spent a good spot of time tonight catching up on everyone else's blogs.  Loved it.  Wish I'd take the time to leave loving comments.  It gave me a touch of adult contact, though, that I needed today.  I just kind of love people.  Especially my people.  I remain convinced as ever that families and friends don't come more lovable than my own.



nimbus said...

The best and funnest day of our visit was the day the kids were "Dancing In The Rain". I think I took 100 photos of that few minute event. Missing you guys.

Thomas Family said...

Yeah Graduation! I've been thinking about you guys lately wondering when Kyle was graduating and where life is taking you. Last week my family left after our month long vacation/craziness. I'm not gonna lie...the introvert in me was very grateful for my own little family and the silence in my home. :) But now Mark is gone for 2 1/2 weeks so I feel your pain. :) to bad we're not still nieghbors :)

sara said...

I remember that you don't like to be alone. I also seem to remember a pregnant you sleeping with me in a twin size bed while Kyle conqured the world.. (where was he that time? Cambodia?) Those were good times. I just though you should know that I have a king size bed now. So you and your brood will all fit! When can I expect you?

Devin, Naomi and Spencer said...

Hey Tiff, I am totally with you on the people thing, I need people around me and love having others near. Good love coping without anyone. Make phone calls, that helps me, infact you can call me really late at night your time and it will be day time here :) anytime after 3:30pm your time until late late 801-438-3599 :)

Mish said...

I love our family too, even if I'm introverted blue. If it helps, your hair looks perfect.

Mary said...

I hear you! I'm the same way. I would always rather be with people than by myself. Oh, I wish we lived closer!

Oh yeah, and to add to Sara's comment, didn't you think I was Kyle? I seem to recall a kiss on my neck. :)