Sunday, October 09, 2011

Disneyland Dec. 2009

Guess what? We went to Disneyland two years ago (Christmas 2009)! "We" meaning Joestie, Bob, Bryce, Mish, and we Larsens. The 'rents couldn't come, but they funded the trip--thanks Ma and Pa!

Those lines were long, let me tell you. We managed to squeeze out some smiles early in the a.m.

What did I tell you about the crowds? Brutal, yes. I can't remember if it was worth it, but I do recall that at the end of the day of holding kids, fighting crowds, and waiting in lines, my body ached in ways that I never knew possible and my feet throbbed the way feet were never meant to throb.

But it was still pretty magical.

And then we did it again the next day, this time with Bob and Bryce.

This is how Christie felt when they made her take three-month-old Alex out of the baby wrap and place him next to her on the seat for the ride (as if he sits), in the name of safety.

We've all done Disneyland before, but it was something else to be there with almost all of my beloved sibs.

Okay, this was definitely the scariest ride in the land. Yes, it's a ferris wheel, but the it's a little off its rocker. The babies were okay, but Joe, Mish, and I were a little bit freaking out and a lot concerned that we might all die, but we tried to hold it together for the older kids' sake.

Yay! We conquered that nightmare without dying!


nimbus said...

We remember going to DL nearly 40 years ago when Kirstin was a baby. I don't remember it being crowded but I do remember the lines. They need to get HOV lanes or speed pass but then you would still be in the same boat with everybody else.

Mish said...

Wow. Way to persevere, Tiff. That was definitely almost two years ago. Also your legs are HOT.

Joe and Christie said...

ahaha, I forgot all about the ladybug ride. Alex was such a blob back then! Next time we got to Disneyland during the holidays (which will be never), I'm definitely going to pack more than a hoodie. This island girl never learns.

Stephanie said...

I love your new title picture! So cute and colorful :)
It has been way too long since I visited the most magical place on earth! Looks like a fun trip!