Friday, September 16, 2011


Stuff happened in July. Some of it was pretty cool and/or cute. For instance, ...

-We celebrated the 4th at Marks' parents place with a delish barbecue and fireworks in the pool. Well, we were in the pool. Charlie exclaimed "happy!" with every explosion of light, as in happy birthday. Also, I remembered to make Ellie wear her patriotic skirt, for the first and last time.

-Makakoa's first birthday party was celebrated luau style with another fabulous pool party. That's the only kind that exists during Arizona summer. Look at that adorable family of sea turtles! Okay, cake decorating is admittedly not my forte. Actually, I'm not sure if I have a forte. Spread a little too thin...

Why so cute!? I know. I love this kid.

-This picture is what I have to represent the swimming lessons Ellie and Erik conquered for two weeks, and how I kept Charlie mostly-out-of-trouble on the sidelines.

Man, those lifeguards were fierce on us parents. Forget the flailing preschoolers-- they were all eagle eyes on us sweaty adults fanning ourselves in the bleachers, lusting after that cool body of chlorinated water.

Oh goody, I do actually have a few of swimsuit-clad children.

Both the kids made excellent progress in the pool. Ellie still appears to be drowning, but engages in some swimming-like movement sans assistance. In terms of floatation devices, Erik has graduated from enclosed pool ring to simple arm floaties. Also, his reaction to the back of his head becoming moist is slightly less dramatic. His face? Still an ordeal. But yay for progress! He wouldn't have come around even this far simply at my persuasion.

Next year I want to start all three of the kids in lessons early in the summer and keep 'em going as long as I can tolerate the sweltering heat of the sidelines. This is Arizona, after all. Most kids can swim before they're potty-trained.

-You can tell I don't make cake very often by these boys' reaction to their very own mostly-scraped-out bowl of chocolate batter.

-Do pandas really have dagger claws? I've tried to convince Erik they're for climbing and catching fish and berries... that pandas don't eat, but then his y chromosome kicks in and they are inevitably weapons.


zabel said...

Is Erik breathing chocolate? I forgot kids can do that.
- uncle bob