Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Chez Moi

One month after I took these pictures and three months after we actually moved in, I would like to present a virtual tour of our "new" home, for those we have not had the fortune of hosting yet. YET. All are welcome.

It took me two months to actually take housewarming pictures because even after unpacking and decorating, I was always waiting for the perfect moment when the sun would be shining through the windows and every room would be clean and organized. Then one day, I fell out of this delusional state so here's our home more or less the way it looks most of the time.

Okay, I take my previous comment back. This is WAY cleaner than my house looks most of the time.

sorry about the porcelain there, C...

It's our first time having a full-blown master suite to ourselves!

Mostly. Charlie's room is our walk-in closet.

The three days I spent here searching for housing back in July were some of the longest, most stressful days known to Tiff-kind. I probably aged a decade in those three days. Some of it was searching for housing, some of it was entertaining and controlling Char-zilla, some of it was maneuvering a complex system of freeways in a rental car (yeah, more than a couple phobia-laden firsts for me there). However, as is often the case, divine intervention saved the day, dropping this address in my lap right before I left. As they tend to do, things just worked out perfectly.

We feel so very fortunate to be living in a big, beautiful house with a double car garage (that we finally organized last week-- we were waiting for the temp. to drop below Hades before tackling that project), and potential-to-be-grass lawn in the back, and wrought iron security gate covering the front door (the value of which has increased somewhat since our neighbors across the street were burglarized in broad daylight). And lots of other great features, but mostly, it just feels homey. It feels like the kind of place you want to spend Christmas in, and so that we will do. If you don't mind wearing shorts and a t-shirt to bed Christmas eve, Phoenix happens to be a great place to host Christmas.


Joe and Christie said...

Awesome house, T!

I can't wait to see it..... in JANUARY!!!
I shouldn't count my little chickens just yet, but the Ducks are still #1, so it is a very real possibility.


Karrot Soup said...

Shucks, I'm so glad for you guys. We've never yet had a garage or a master suite to have the ahem...joy? of organizing, but they couldn't have gone to a nicer family. And I continue to be grateful for my garden, so I am appreciative of your digs without being envious of them. Just of your style, which I am sadly lacking. Tell ya what, you come decorate my house and I'll cook for you...

Mary said...

I love the house! And, I love your self-restraint and awesome-ness (referring to the previous post).

Miss your faces T-pants.

blaine and michelle said...

What an awesome place! I also really enjoyed your last post about food. Also, Na and I want to go visit Kallist this summer (maybe end of June?) Wanna come? Actually, no. MUST come.