Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sandal serendipity

So Erik tripped on our way out of the car mechanic's yesterday, which meant a spontaneous trip to Old Navy was in order (they do sell the cheapest and cutest flip flops, you know). Turns out they were having a 50% off all clearance items sale. I can't pretend that I ENJOYED the hour I spent there, what with Charlie's screaming and escaping from the cart and Erik parading around barefoot and finding lots of little things to cry big about, and spending half of that hour in the checkout was also less than ideal. I also can't pretend that it wasn't absolutely positively worth that hour of suffering! I hate to brag, but people, I am so amazing sometimes. As proof:

-my most lavish expenditures, at $5 a piece (and this is all after Mish and I had a splendid excursion at Charlotte Russe where almost every top was $5, even cardigans! But Old Navy puts Charlotte to shame here.)

-these were each snagged in the $1-$2 range

-$2-$4.50, mostly near the $2 end

-a few token items for the kids, plus some jewelry for me, each <$1
-to top it off, my passion for scarves has officially been unleashed. I confess I have fantasized about a quick trip to Beijing to collect all those $5 fake Pashmina scarves I neglected to win during our stay there (probably my life's greatest regret, until being made irrelevant today). Well, this scarf spree went beyond my dreams because each and every one of these scarves was $0.48! AAA! (Hyperventilating over here.) So were those t-shirts, but the scarves! I spent a very long time tonight just stroking and admiring them with giddy glee. Instead of being creeped out, Kyle was somehow stirred to suggest that he should let me shop more often because it makes me so fun and happy. Does life get better than a husband encouraging shopping sprees?!

Anyway, I guess there's nothing like adorable deals to lure me back into the blogging world. Not to make excuses or anything, but I've been enjoying visits from fam, plus Ellie's birthday party wore me out a bit. Also, you know how I tend to be obsessive about my hobbies. My fetish migrated from crafting to parties to coupon-ing to super-health-freak-eating. That's still about where I am. However, I'm on the decline of that initial spike in fanaticism, so I think I'll get around to posting again soon.


nimbus said...

Looks like you hit the "mother load". Glad you had fun.

sara said...

I love it! I went crazy for scarfs in spain and still have most of them. I busted one out the other day because my Spanish ward was celebrating Mexican independence day and I went representing the Spanairds. Totally appropriate!
I love your deals, makes me wish I had stumbled into Old Navy on 50% off day!

Marilyn said...

I think part of why you love scarves is that you love color, like me. I totally understand your scarf obsession, even though I am not personally afflicted with same.

Karrot Soup said...

OK, just because this is the kind of devil's advocate person I am: I can't rest until I know what your actual Total for the delightful/miserable shopping spree was. Would you share? And then you can gloat freely since I spent an abhorrent $75 at JoAnn's today trying to prepare for holidays and birthday party and 7 costumes...

Mary said...

Wow! There's nothing like the thrill of a good deal. :)