Sunday, September 12, 2010

When Ellie found out we were moving to Arizona instead of California, she was bitterly disappointed (to not be near my parents and not be going to kindergarten). She was inconsolable right up until we reminded her that in Arizona she'd get to help take care of Noelani and Mark's new baby, Makakoa. It was love at first sight. (Kjerstin was awesome enough to be visiting us at the time of the baby blessing, which was great because no one in the planet appreciates a good newborn snuggle like her.)

After knowing Becca for all of three days or so, I called to set up a play date and she invited us to her son's birthday party instead. Did you say birthday party? I nosey-ed my way into her plans (for the following morning) and decided to bring my pirate fabric to decorate, as well as make a flag and brownies. She was very appreciate, but the party was terribly cute and perfect even without my interference.

A couple pirates forgot to reapply their sunscreen at midday.

Becca was such a good sport to let me in on the party goodness. Also, I am liking this girl a lot. Bosom friend-quality.

Just in case you questioned my sincerity about the plant food diet comment, take a looksey here at my winnings from the local pseudo farmer's market.

This is one week's worth.

And just in case you weren't convinced that that's a lot of produce, here's another angle.

What else in going on in these parts? Well, Char still can't pass up a good nuk.

Ellie still wants to be a missionary. (That's her testifying arm, not a pitchfork. Under the other arm is her Book of Mormon.) (And yes, she's completely recovered from the UTI that, masquerading as meningitis, sent her to the ER on my birthday.)

I bought a curling iron-- the first hair tool of my life-- and wish my hair wore curl as well as Elle's. Blondes.

Here's evidence of another birthday party interference, though minimal (see, I have self control!).

Ants have officially invaded every edible corner of my household. I now heartily feel Christie's pain. (Actually her blog's private, but this post is far too good to miss, so I pasted it at the bottom of my post-- hope you don't mind, C.)

Yes, they're coming in and out of the light socket. Thankfully, dousing the socket with Raid did not electrocute me.

Charlie's still living the good life, because what could be better than nudity, bananas, or cheesing it for the camera?

Why, all three at the same time, of course!

Uh-oh. Ba[nana] a[ll] go[ne].

(I just noticed my other kids weren't wearing pants, either. Um, that's how good moms in Arizona dress their kids.)

In unphotographed news, Ellie is reading! I tried putting Asian mom pressure on her to read for months, knowing that she was fully capable, but that method failed me. So I ignored it, and then she just picked up a book today and read it. Granted, it was Hop on Pop so she may have it all memorized, but it is still a day to be celebrated. I remember when I read Green Eggs & Ham for the first time and I soaked up all the praise (knowing full well it was really a recitation).

Also, since Kyle rarely posts and when he does, it's nothing relevant to life, I'll just say in his behalf that Thunderbird is treating him well. He's learning lots, meeting great peeps, and soaking it all in with wonder and bliss. (Plus today I granted him permission to buy a used ipod for student productivity purposes, but only because he'd been pestering me to buy a new one for weeks!) We still have to sometimes pinch ourselves-- we feel immensely fortunate to be living out Kyle's dream.

In conclusion, life is full and leaves very little to be desired. We are happy as clams in a big, steaming pot of animal product-free chowder.

Here's my sister's post, as promised:

Pixar lied to me

They told me that ants were the underdog. Bipedal little creatures that just wanted to feed their families and be safe from sadistic grasshoppers. Friend to potato bugs and German-speaking caterpillars and foe to none.

I feel betrayed.

Ants are ruining my life, followed by Tori Amos and Japanese 211.

Sure, at my request I did receive two ant farms for Christmas... but that was to fulfill my nerdy ambition of being farmer Christie, sly observer of ant culture.

Now the joke is on me. I am living in the ant farm.

Somehow, the 10 yard move from unit A to D has produced a drastic increase in ant population. It is not uncommon to find trails of them leading from window or wall crack to kitchen, boldly marching into sugar-laden enterprises. Sometimes they're just hanging out, though...scurrying about in my closet or running circles over the desk as I try to study. Joe diligently applied toxic ant glue around all the openings outside, only to find them methodically walking over the dried glue and into our home. The kicker is that they are too small to be contained in my ant farms, despite the fact that Uncle Milton's boasts an "escape proof design." I can't redeem my free harvester ant coupons either, because they don't ship to Hawaii. Boo!

So next Christmas, I would like one of these, please and thank you:


Zugman said...

Haha, I love it when you write!

Michelle said...

Farmer Christie, hahaha
We have ants here, too. Maybe you'd like them a little more if they all had the same name, like Jeffrey. Then it wouldn't be "The ants are in my cupboard", it would be "Jeffrey's in my cupboard", which at leasts sounds a little less unsettling...
Just a thought.

Michelle said...

As to some strange guy named Jeffrey messing around in your cupboard - well, I can't really help you there.

Kyle and Tiff said...

Yay! The Great Firewall is down today so I can finally leave a comment! Thanks for your posts, and despite the unenviable nature of your current pest problem, we got some hearty laughs out of your description. I even thought it was hilarious before Kyle pointed out to me that that picture is of an anteater, not an alien. Can't wait for next month's reunion! Don't worry-- no creepy crawlies of concern here, although scenes equally or more disturbing, and I'll spare you the porcelainless details... But custard tarts and GAP knockoffs--come anyway! Love, Tiff

Joe & Christie said... that how you deal, Meh? Seeing how zen you are, perhaps I should give it a try. :)

T, that picture was just too good to pass up. The ants are officially on notice: nothing says "exterminate" like a a boxing anteater.


sara said...

Oh my gosh, Charlie is so cute I feel a need to just lick his banana covered cheeks. Would that be weird?

Marilyn said...

My phone died and with it all of my phone numbers. Call me because I no longer have your number.